Driving Ayrshire Stevenston Driving Instructors – Claire Howie test pass

Stevenston Driving Instructors – Claire Howie test pass

Stevenston Driving Instructors – Claire Howie newly passed in time for Christmas 🎄

Congratulations to Claire Howie of Stevenston passing today with only 3 minor faults. Enjoy your full licence in time for Christmas 😆 Claire contacted Driving Ayrshire looking at Stevenston driving instructors to gain her full licence having had previous experience and wanted to drive with good habits to be a safe and confident driver.  These were the two skills which we worked on to achieve a great result under a new driving test which puts the driver firmly into control behind the wheel making good planning and awareness decisions when needed to be safe.

Also Claire set her goal was to learning the manoeuvres that could come up on test and we worked together to gain confidence to manage them all. This was one area many people who learn through private practice so having good methods from an Instructor can help here.

Under the new test you must be able to safely pull up on the right hand side of the road and reverse back two car lengths and rejoin the traffic, bay parking – driving in, reserve out or reverse into a space and drive out. Finally there is still the parallel parking.  You will only be asked to do one of these. Practice makes perfect with all these manoeuvres and passing your driving test!!

Stevenston Driving Instructors - Claire Howie