Saltcoats Driving Instructors – Josh Watson pass

Saltcoats Driving Instructors – first time pass Josh Watson

Saltcoats teenager Josh Watson contacted the School looking for Saltcoats Driving Instructors who could help him learn safe driving skills and attain his full driving licence while studying at school.  Josh wished to pass his test before finishing school and was setting his goal to be able to learn and drive to school before his other class mates! With regular lessons and practice with his parents car, Josh quickly mastered driving locally and built up good confidence in all traffic situations which helped target key areas to improve on when getting ready for the driving test.

On the build up to test Josh felt he had got his driving to a very good standard and was happy with all his manoeuvres and awareness and road planning on the general driving. The build up to test included practicing mock tests and road planning which helped good decision making behind the wheel. On the day of the test this helped prepare and have good confidence in driving ability.

The result was Josh successfully passing his test with just four minor faults and now can drive as a full licence holder to school before he awaits his exam results to start university ? From all at Driving Ayrshire very well done on the result today and happy, safe driving in future ?

Josh left us with this honest and kind review of his time learning to drive with his Driving Ayrshire Instructor, Kevin.

“Kevin was my instructor and he was great! Always built up my confidence and looked on the positive aspect of the drive. He was always super-friendly towards me in helping me learn from the first lesson to grasp what I needed to learn fast. I owe it all to him helping me to pass my test first time! “

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