Nahla Hamad – Saltcoats test pass

Saltcoats test pass – Driving Ayrshire student Nahla Hamad

Brilliant Saltcoats test pass of ZERO faults for Nahla Hamad, who’s originally from Jordan to gain her full licence. It was an excellent drive to hold it all together and pass so well. Hard work and willingness to succeed has paid off for you!!

Nahla came to Driving Ayrshire looking to gain her full UK licence having driven in her home country of Jordan. She found driving in this country to be difficult especially with the many types of junctions but had good general control of what she was doing with a car when driven carefully. Roundabout practice was what Nahla would use to get more familiar with understanding developing gaps that were safe to take. Nahla intensively worked for 15 hours to work on timing the approach to junctions and take more care and attention to hazards to deal with them timely. Nahla wasn’t sure how the manoeuvres on test would go so had to practice them from scratch to be effective on carrying them out before test. This resulted in a great drive to result in ZERO faults on test. All the best from your Driving Ayrshire instructor and safe driving in your new car ??

Saltcoats test pass review

Nahla let us with these kind words on her driving experience:

My instructor Kevin, with great patience and kindness helped me to be successful in my driving test to help me drive my family where they need to go and give me great independence in a car.

Saltcoats test pass - Nahla Hamad