Kilmarnock Driving Schools – Ruby O’Neill

Kilmarnock Driving Schools

With every test pass it’s rewarding seeing someone achieve their dream to pass and never give up, big well done to achieving this Ruby O’Neill of Kilmarnock it was a pleasure helping you through to a successful pass result.

Ruby’s reasons for choosing Driving Ayrshire was out of disappointment from not gaining the standard of training she hoped to get when starting her lessons.  She felt it took a lot of searching to get high quality training with Kilmarnock driving schools to get her a full licence. She got in contact with Driving Ayrshire after being let down for her driving test so it was crucial to assess Ruby’s needs and address if she could go on to complete a test pass after so much disappointment before.

Ruby showed she still had a good amount of knowledge and desire needed to deal with specific issues to go on and gain confidence in the next test. She managed to hold together to do that and felt more of a knowledgable and complete driver from the short time with training with Driving Ayrshire. Ruby now wants to use her licence to get herself a new job and having a car gives her the means to travel freely now 🚗

Kilmarnock driving schools - Ruby O'Neill