Extended Driving Test Pass – Saltcoats David Duffy

Extended Driving Test – David Duffy of Saltcoats

As well as learner drivers going for their first driving test at Driving Ayrshire we help experienced drivers gain their licence back when they had lost it due to being disqualified.

When disqualified as a driver or rider, the court can order you to resit your theory test and take an extended driving test before getting your full licence. Your previous full licence gets back to you with all the categories you had before when you successfully pass with 15 minors or less.

How the court decides on doing an extended driving test

It is more likely that the courts will order an extended driving test if you’re convicted of dangerous driving offences or other offences involving mandatory disqualification.

What will happen for an extended driving test

At the end of the disqualification period, if you wish to get back a full driving licence you’ll need to:

  • apply for a provisional driving licence and drive as a learner
  • pass a theory test for the category of vehicle in which you intend to take an extended practical driving test
  • pass the extended practical driving test
  • The practical driving test is longer and more demanding than the normal learner driving test. The test lasts for about 70 minutes and covers a wide variety of roads, including dual carriageways where possible and an emergency stop.

Many candidates have found it beneficial to take some driving instruction in advance of the test to help prepare.

You must apply for an extended test either by post or in person or at any of Driver & Vehicle Agency’s (DVA) test centres – you cannot book online or use the telephone booking service. When booking an appointment for the extended practical driving test ensure that you apply for the correct category of vehicle and pay the appropriate fee.

David came to the School seeking advice and to assess his current driving before going for an extended driving test. David had good driving knowledge and skills to handle a variety of road traffic conditions which would be tested over 70 minutes of driving. Following a successful pass David hopes to go on to gain his bike licence using similar safe skills he demonstrated as a car driver. Well done again and safe, careful driving now on the road.

Extended driving test - David Duffy