Driving Ayrshire Driving Instructors Dalry -Mark Watson pass

Driving Instructors Dalry -Mark Watson pass

Driving Instructors Dalry – Newly test pass Mark Watson

New test pass today for Mark Watson of Dalry passing first time with great ease 😁 just in time too, as Mark has recently changed to a brand new IT job and needs a car to drive to and from work. Mark was looking to see what Driving Instructors Dalry had to offer and noticed Driving Ayrshire came up in his search that covers Dalry to do his lessons, since giving them up to concentrate on his computing studies. On returning to his lessons he showed good focus to see it through and gain his full licence. Mark wanted a fresh start to remember what he learnt before with a previous instructor but some areas that was hard to remember he wanted to learn from scratch to get better understanding and knowledge on.

Below my let us with his thoughts on his time with his Driving Ayrshire instructor:

“The main reason for choosing Driving Ayrshire Driving School is because I wanted a local school to me who had great reviews and feedback! It was also important to choose a school that would not be wasting my time or mess me about now that I had the focus back to learn to drive after completing my studies and now had a new job.

Learning to drive at times was challenging but my driving instructor Kevin had perfect teaching methods for me. They were to the point, clear and easy to follow telling me to trust the methods which were spot on

I would 150% recommend the school to others as Kevin was brilliant. You must keep him as I loved lessons with him and how he delivered them to me. First class!!”

Driving Instructors Dalry - Mark Watson pass