Motorway driving after you pass your test

Motorway Driving – Don’t be scared of it post test

motorway driving can be a challenge just passing your driving test, but eventually you will be able to venture out on to busy extensive motorways that connect towns and cityies to where you want to go.  Driving on them involves the anticipation and planning skills you learned on your lesson and require you to drive safely at speed, be alert to other drivers and their intentions, and do not join all of those drivers who sit in the middle lane for most of their journey, otherwise known as lane hogging!

Motorways were designed to keep traffic flowing and make driving long distances easier, as you can bypass cities and towns more easily, and have a mainly straight route to your destination, before leaving to drive onto the major roads when in and around your destination.  Most major motorways have three or four lanes, and the inside lane (left) is for you to drive in, then the middle or central lane and the outside lane are for overtaking.

Many motorways are used by haulage companies who have a large fleet of lorries, and businesses for transporting goods quicker, so you will tend to see a lot of lorries in the inside lane do to the speed they will be travelling at.  Many lorries have speed limiters fitted, to prevent them from going over 60mph, so they tend to stay in the inside lane for long distances.  Coaches also use the motorways for speed of getting customers from A to B, and they too use the inside lane, so it can get quite congested with all types of traffic!

You will at some point, need to pull out and overtake, but this is where the middle lane hoggers come into force!  You should, by law, pull out safely, overtake, then as soon as it is safe to do so, pull back in to the inside lane again.  Not all drivers apply this rule.  Many pull out into the middle lane, and because they see a stream of traffic in the inside lane, or do not like being sandwiched between two lorries, stay in the middle lane for the duration of their journey!

This is illegal to do, and the fine for this offence, if caught and proved, has been recently increased to £100 and 3 points on your licence.  Make sure you do not fall in to this bad habit that other drivers have.  Be a safe and responsible motorway driver, considerate of other drivers, and if you need reassurance or extra tuition, through PassPlus that will give you the chance to have motorway driving lessons in preparation for going it alone in driving on motorways.  Contact us for more information and PlassPlus on 07968841468 or visit