Kilwinning Driving Instructors – David Farrell pass

Kilwinning Driving Instructors – 1st time pass David Farrell

David was recommended to Driving Ayrshire through his mum who advised to go with our driving school to pick up further skills he had initially gained when turning 17. David brought a keen enthusiasm to learning to drive and wanted to ask all about it so he knew he was learning the correct way to best help him succeed first time.

Unfortunately for David he only got 10 weeks into his training when a national lockdown happened and he had to stop doing his driving. In this time it allowed David to do studying for his driving theory test and do a video conference call with his instructor to help him understand the theory knowledge. He was able to gain a broad range of knowledge to the questions and with his on the road practice it helped him get good scores in his hazard perception practice. Through this practice time David was able to pass his theory test first time in April. In the run up to his driving test in July David showed great consistency to his driving helped by regular car practice with family members supervising. David found doing a mock test would help assess his driving to the standard of test. This helped David achieve a pass of just 7 minor faults.

Kilwinning Driving Instructors - David Farrell passed

David left this review of the School in his time learning:

“I really enjoyed my time learning to drive with Driving Ayrshire. I found my instructor to be patient and supportive in helping me gain the knowledge I needed on the road. I was able to buy my own car during doing my lessons which helped me get practice when not doing lessons. I really wanted to pass my test as quick as I could and with a practice car and help from my instructor I was able to pass first time which I was so pleased about!”

Driving Lessons Kilwinning – Tracy Scott Kilwinning student

First time pass Tracy Scott – Driving Lessons Kilwinning

Tracy from Kilwinning came to the School looking for a local instructor who would improve her driving having had lessons before in Glasgow.  With family and study commitments the need to drive was high on the to do lest and was delighted to get a first time pass on 23rd of August 2017.

“Learning to drive was not a terrifying experience like I expected but actually really enjoyable!! I first started to learn driving in Glasgow where I used to stay and was looking for a patient instructor in Ayrshire who I could learn skills from and help me progress to test standard when I saw the great customer reviews about the School. My Driving Instructor Kevin was great!! Kevin was so kind and reassuring and really helped me get over any nerves I had. Kevin helped me learn dual carriageways from scratch which I never did in any lessons before and the school has fair prices for lessons. I honestly can’t think of anything that would have improved my experience.”

Driving lessons Kilwinning- Tracy Scott Kilwinning student