Common Faults By Pupils On Test

Common faults by pupils

Something I get asked frequently is what are the list of common faults made on test, there is not real pattern which is probably a good thing. But below are a few faults for any other student who may be taking their practical driving tests soon to look out for.

Moving off – Safely
If you are asked by the examiner to pull over in a safe position then make sure after you have parked at the side of the road, that you cancel the indicator and make sure the left hand indicator is not still going when you pull away again. In the pressure of the test, it’s very easy not hear the indicator going or the flashing green arrow sign!

Progress – Appropriate speed
A fault that often creeps up with students on test is progress, appropriate speed. In other words not going fast enough for the speed limit / conditions. If you are on a National Speed Limit road with no crash barrier or grass between yourself and the oncoming traffic then the speed limit is 60mph. If the road is straight, perfect weather conditions and no reason to be going slower then you are expected by the examiner to “make progress” (In other words, be at or be close to the speed limit, so not to be holding up other vehicles). If the speed limit is 60mph don’t do 50mph and “play it safe”!

Use of speed

The opposite of “progress, appropriate speed” is “use of speed”, i.e speeding! Always make sure you keep looking out for change of speed signs and react accordingly. Keep a close eye on your speed and if it is a 30mph speed limit for example then be careful not be influenced by cars in front who are speeding and end up speeding yourself. If you are found to speed then you could get a serious fault.

Signals – Necessary and Timing
In the environment of your test, it is very easy to forget to do things and for some reason it’s often signals. I always try and keep students staying relaxed even on test day where the nerves kick in! so remember that you can make up to 15 driving faults, so don’t panic if you do make a mistake. Remember at roundabouts that if you are turning right i.e. an exit past 12 o’clock on a clock face then you need to indicate right. Stay calm when approaching roundabouts/junctions, think and go through your normal routine you’ve practised.