Here I will answer a few of the most common and basic questions people ask regularly to me. If you have a FAQ you would like specifically answered directly to you, please contact us and i’ll try to answer your questions as quickly as I can.

Q. What local areas does the driving school cover?

A. We provide lessons to pupils in the North Ayrshire area including Irvine, Kilwinning, Dalry, Stevenston, Saltcoats, Ardrossan. We also currently cover areas in East Ayrshire, Kilmarnock, Crosshouse, Hurlford, surrounding areas.

Q. Are you qualified?

A. Yes, all driving instructors who accept payment for tuition, by law, have to be registered with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), these fully qualified instructors display a green badge within their vehicle.  If the instructor is in training they would display a pink badge.

Q. What do I need before starting driving lessons.

A. Currently in the UK you can apply for your provisional licence just before you are 17 years of age, unless you are in receipt of a full disability allowance, then you can apply for a provisional licence just before you are 16 years old. You must be in possession of a provisional driving licence before you will be able to drive on a public road. You must also be able to read a car registration number plate, with or without glasses/contact lenses. The distance requirement for the eyesight test using old style number plates is 20.5 metres or 20 metres if the new-style number plate is used. New-style number plates are easily identifiable starting with two letters eg AB 51 ABC.

Q. Do you need to have passed your theory test before starting driving lessons?

A. No, but it is highly recommended you have or to be at least studying and/or booked your theory test upon starting driving lessons.  This then allows you to concentrate on the practical side of driving. It can be more cost effective as you don’t need to take time out to attend doing the theory test when you could be doing driving lessons.

Q. When can I have my driving lessons?

A. We work to suit your needs so book early to get the time that you want.  If lessons can’t be provided straight away you can be contacted when lesson slots are available.

Q. Do you charge for cancelled lessons.

A. Yes we would charge for lessons cancelled with less than 48hrs notice.

Q. Do you insist on 2 hour lessons?

A. No, 2 hours can be long for a new drivers learning to drive. This is recommended for the first block to equip you with the basic skills to help remember everything.  It would be advisable to continue 2 hour lessons but not essential, especially when you have booked your driving test, to have a drive and practice in the area you are going to take your test in.

Q. How many lessons will I require to pass my driving test?

A. This is the main question all driving instructors get asked. The honest answer is I don’t know!

Each person is an individual, and because of this some will learn quicker than others. Some will pick up certain aspects quickly, but struggle with others. Learning to drive is not an exact science, but an ongoing learning process. The DVSA recommend a minimum of 40hrs tuition with a driving instructor and the same again with their parents/family.


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