Study free for you’re theory and hazard perception test

I am pleased to announce that ALL students now get free access to Smart Driving’s free app saving you £££££!!! Its theory and hazard perception on the move how you want it to be. It’s an excellent app which will help you pass your Theory and Hazard Perception test. It has; – Hundreds of practice questions. –  Realistic […]

Preparing for winter driving

What To Know About Driving In Winter Driving in Snow & Ice • Its worth baring in mind your stopping distances are increased by up to 10 times than in the dry – so leave plenty of space and distance in front! • If your car starts to skid, don’t brake, instead press the clutch and steer […]

Applying for your provisional driving licence

I get asked how soon could you apply for their provisional driving licence before your 17th birthday. Well the answer is you can apply three months prior to your 17th birthday. However don’t forget, even with our provisional driving licence, you cant start your driving lessons until your 17th birthday, until you choose to do […]

Common Faults By Pupils On Test

Something I get asked frequently is what are the list of common faults made on test, there is not real pattern which is probably a good thing. But below are a few faults for any other student who may be taking their practical driving tests soon to look out for. Moving off – Safely If […]

What is Pass Plus?

Pass Plus Pass Plus is a scheme linked to allow you to receive insurance discounts upon being a newly qualified driver, by: •Saving you money on your car insurance premiums initially as a new driver. •Showing you the techniques to be a positive driver which is both enjoyable and safe. •Helping you gain quality driving experience upon passing […]