Driving Lessons Kilwinning – Tracy Scott Kilwinning student

First time pass Tracy Scott – Driving Lessons Kilwinning

Tracy from Kilwinning came to the School looking for a local instructor who would improve her driving having had lessons before in Glasgow.  With family and study commitments the need to drive was high on the to do lest and was delighted to get a first time pass on 23rd of August 2017.

“Learning to drive was not a terrifying experience like I expected but actually really enjoyable!! I first started to learn driving in Glasgow where I used to stay and was looking for a patient instructor in Ayrshire who I could learn skills from and help me progress to test standard when I saw the great customer reviews about the School. My Driving Instructor Kevin was great!! Kevin was so kind and reassuring and really helped me get over any nerves I had. Kevin helped me learn dual carriageways from scratch which I never did in any lessons before and the school has fair prices for lessons. I honestly can’t think of anything that would have improved my experience.”



Driving Lessons Saltcoats – First time pass Gary Craig

Driving Lessons Saltcoats – Gary Craig’s pass

Great first time pass on 2nd of August 2017 for Gary Craig of Saltcoats. Gary came to the School from a recommendation and was keen to learn to drive having recently started a new job and relying on family and public transport to get about to and from work.  Gary overcome many challenges on route to being a full time licence holder so we are all very pleased he achieved his goals for himself and family. Happy, safe driving from your instructor Kevin and all at Driving Ayrshire ?



Driving Schools Saltcoats - Gary Craig

“I chose Driving Ayrshire Driving School from being recommended by my brother who passed and gained his licence with the School and because of the good customer reviews I read, I was looking for good quality tuition. I found learning to drive rewarding and my Instructor made lessons fun and informative, making me feel confident about my driving, especially getting my own car to practice in with my dad this helped a lot! Kevin my Instructor had great teaching methods which were very useful and easy to learn and remember. I will be recommending the school to others as I’m sure they will have a great experience just like I did.”

Driving Schools Troon – Sarah Hughes test pass

Sarah Hughes first time test pass -Driving Schools Troon

Brilliant drive for Sarah Hughes of Troon passing her test first time with a clean sheet today,no faults. Enjoy the full licence taking your family out in your own car happy and safe driving! Sarah came to the School having a family of 5 kids and needed her licence to help drive to see family and friends.

“I was looking for a Driving School that had a good reputation and saw customers as important. I was really happy that Driving Ayrshire Driving School could offer consistent weekly slots for lessons. Learning to drive was much more enjoyable than I thought it would be, even though I was really nervous!! My Driving Instructor Kevin had great teaching methods and he always set an objective of what we were to achieve in the lesson. Kevin was always positive and encouraging in all the time I took lessons and couldn’t have done it without him! Payments were easy to make and wasn’t a problem to change lesson times when required which was quick. He was a fab instructor, soo pleased to have passed my test first time!!”

driving schools Troon = first time pass Sarah Hughes



Prize Giveaway – 10 Hours of Driving Lessons to Ayrshire Students

Prize Giveaway – 10 Hours of Driving Lessons

To celebrate the end of a great year here at Driving Ayrshire we are offering a fantastic prize to people of Ayrshire – a 10 hour block of lessons to the value of £220. You will have to enter now though as the closing date is 31/12/16 with the winner chosen 1/1/17.  All you have to do to enter is head over to our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/DrivingAyrshire and scroll down to the competition post where you can like, comment and share the post to enter.

driving ayrshire - competition http://www.facebook.com/DrivingAyrshire

Good Luck everyone!!

Driving Lessons Dalry – Test pass Wilma Reeves

Driving Lessons Dalry

Very well done today to Wilma Reeves of Dalry passing her driving test. A confident drive has realised your dream of being a full licence holder. Enjoy your new car for yourself and family when you get it!! All the best from your instructor Kevin and all at Driving Ayrshire.

Wilma leave us with this kind review of the School and learning to drive:

“I wanted to start learning to drive again after moving from my job to Ayrshire.  It was important to me finding an Instructor who I could connect with and really learn from was important for me in addition to flexibility of lesson timings. Driving Ayrshire Driving School having a good pass rate was also a factor. Learning to drive was far more fun than I expected where I genuinely looked forward to each and every lesson. My Driving Instructor was Kevin and he was incredibly calm and always had many methods of explaining things. Kevin was happy to go over things as many times as I required. I will definitely be recommending the school to others I know who want to drive, as the pass rate is superb, hours are flexible for my work and the teaching quality is ace!! The customer service I received from Kevin was fantastic!! I’m just sooo pleased to have passed today!!” 

driving lessons dalry - wilma-reeves



Driving lessons ardrossan – Gary Kilpatrick

driving lessons ardrossan - Gary Kilpatrick

Driving lessons Ardrossan – Pass success for Gary Kilpatrick

Congratulations to Gary Kilpatrick of Ardrossan on passing his driving test with just one driving fault. The examiner said it was a great all round drive that was almost faultless, i’m sure a clean sheet would have been nice but you should be proud of your efforts on passing so well!! Happy and safe driving from your instructor Kevin and all at Driving Ayrshire!!

driving lessons ardrossan - Gary Kilpatrick

Gary’s School Review

“I came to the driving school after my first instructor fell ill and was looking for a Driving Instructor that would have the right attitude towards their students. In addition to this value for money was important and for the School to have a high pass rate were factors when deciding who to choose. Learning with Driving Ayrshire Driving School matched all my expectations, it was great!! My Instructor was Kevin and I found his teaching methods to be smooth, he was professional, motivating and this all helped to build my confidence. Kevin definitely had a good sense of humour which I really liked and helped me learn. Because of my experience I will be recommending the School and Kevin to others.” 



Driving Ayrshire’s Christmas Raffle

For our christmas cracker this year at Driving Ayrshire we are going around local colleges and businesses with a fun raffle offering 10 hours of lessons given to the lucky winner! Simply submit a message titled ‘Christmas Raffle’ to buy a free ticket and you’ll receive a number (only one per message) then the lucky person drawn will receive the 10 hours of lessons!

Send a ticket request to https://www.driving-ayrshire.co.uk/contact-us or private message at http://www.facebook.com/DrivingAyrshire

Good luck! Closing date is 24th Dec 2015 when the lucky driver’s number will be announced

First time theory pass today

Well done to Cameron on passing his theory test first time today. Good luck with the practical driving now.

theory pass


Driving Ayrshire provide free theory help to all it’s students here is a direct link to access the free Smart Driving which cover the full bank of questions and hazard perception clips you will face in your actual theory test. Good luck everyone and drop a message to the site if you want any questions answered and we will reply as soon as we can to help.

Smart Driving Free Theory Test App Download



Smoking Ban In Vehicles


From 1 October 2015 it will be illegal to smoke in a car (or other vehicles) with anyone under 18 present. The law is changing to protect children and young people from the dangers of second hand smoke.

Both the driver and the smoker could be fined £50. The law applies to every driver in England and Wales, including those aged 17 and those with a provisional driving licence. The law does not apply if the driver is 17 years old and is on their own in the car.

Every time a child breathes in second hand smoke, they breathe in thousands of chemicals. This puts them at risk of serious conditions including meningitis, cancer, bronchitis and pneumonia. It can also make asthma worse.

Road Signs In Summer


Well summer is still with us and greenery is out and blooming, Everybody is having fun it seems except those in cars  because plants, trees and bushes, all are growing like crazy. You see, this causes a problem with road signs.

The local authorities are not able to keep on top of the growth and some signs have not been washed for so long and as a result have acquired a build up of debris which in the worst cases, renders them illegible. Being green shade, it also serves to camouflage them to make them unreadable in a moving vehicle.

The hedges and trees in many areas have not been cut back for some time, probably a couple of years and are now starting to partially or completely obscure the signs. This is becoming dangerous. Road safety requires this to be at the minimum annually maintained.  Stop maintaining the roads and nothing happens until someone dies, by which time it is too late. This seems to be an national attitude to overcome.

In a recent road incident there have been rulings where badly painted roads were not deemed to be a factor in an accident. The judge ruled that the driver should always be driving in a manner whereby any hazard can be handled.

In that case, why do local authorities and the Highways Agency spend a lot of money on road signs, traffic calming etc.? Either these people have a duty of care to take all reasonable steps to make roads safer or they do not. If they do not then the system in place is failing the people it should be protecting.

So with the signs and markings in place the issues are that directional signs are frequently obscured causing people to make all sorts of seemingly random last minute changes which significantly increase the risk of a collision. Warning and instructional signs are even more easily obscured than a huge billboard. Granted, they are of a shape not readily found in nature, at least not on a level that need concern a motorist, but given all the greenery and a couple year’s of growth and they become seriously obscured of not completely invisible. This is become a serious issue to al motorists.

We do live in a very strange society where life saving signage and paint is neglected in favour of strictly maintaining gardens in local housing schemes. Therefore it does make you wonder if the government really does care about how many honest, hard working tax payers are killed and injured through neglect and incompetence to keep road signage well maintained and legal for its purpose.