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Road Signs In Summer


Well summer is still with us and greenery is out and blooming, Everybody is having fun it seems except those in cars  because plants, trees and bushes, all are growing like crazy. You see, this causes a problem with road signs.

The local authorities are not able to keep on top of the growth and some signs have not been washed for so long and as a result have acquired a build up of debris which in the worst cases, renders them illegible. Being green shade, it also serves to camouflage them to make them unreadable in a moving vehicle.

The hedges and trees in many areas have not been cut back for some time, probably a couple of years and are now starting to partially or completely obscure the signs. This is becoming dangerous. Road safety requires this to be at the minimum annually maintained.  Stop maintaining the roads and nothing happens until someone dies, by which time it is too late. This seems to be an national attitude to overcome.

In a recent road incident there have been rulings where badly painted roads were not deemed to be a factor in an accident. The judge ruled that the driver should always be driving in a manner whereby any hazard can be handled.

In that case, why do local authorities and the Highways Agency spend a lot of money on road signs, traffic calming etc.? Either these people have a duty of care to take all reasonable steps to make roads safer or they do not. If they do not then the system in place is failing the people it should be protecting.

So with the signs and markings in place the issues are that directional signs are frequently obscured causing people to make all sorts of seemingly random last minute changes which significantly increase the risk of a collision. Warning and instructional signs are even more easily obscured than a huge billboard. Granted, they are of a shape not readily found in nature, at least not on a level that need concern a motorist, but given all the greenery and a couple year’s of growth and they become seriously obscured of not completely invisible. This is become a serious issue to al motorists.

We do live in a very strange society where life saving signage and paint is neglected in favour of strictly maintaining gardens in local housing schemes. Therefore it does make you wonder if the government really does care about how many honest, hard working tax payers are killed and injured through neglect and incompetence to keep road signage well maintained and legal for its purpose.