New Driving Test Trials

I have been asked from students what the new driving test could be like and the differences there will be if its to be introduced after the trials. So here is an overview of the differences in the table below:

new driving testAt the current moment there is no plans to trial the new driving test at either Irvine or Ayr test centres. The DVSA have been trialling the new test since Spring 2015 and are looking for 2-3,000 learner drivers to take part in the one-year trial. The DVSA will compare the results of learners taking the current test and trial test, taking into account the impact it has on the safe driving standards of learners who pass the new test compared to the old version.  No results have been made available for comparison yet.

In a government backed agreement the DVSA have stated that “The government wants new drivers to be prepared for driving on their own, and not just passing the driving test,” this is the motivation for the upgrading the existing driving test.

With the 20 minutes of independent driving the examiner will supply the sat nav and it will be fixed to the windscreen to a pre-programmed route.