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New CGI Hazard Perception

The DVSA has confirmed that computer generated clips will be introduced to the Hazard Perception Test today, Monday, 12th January 2015.

Many apps and DVDs, including the current DVSA's app don't give a true reflection of the hazard test but the software developers at SmartDriving have managed to create a realistic environment to hazard perception, through their app.

Not only does our app now include the NEW CGI clips, it also has a full mock test of 14 clips - not just 8 or 10 as with others - AND has an accurate, 'real life' scoring system that you'll get in the Test.

It also include the DVSA's detailed 'How to' videos and reviews on all clips to help you understand the Test.

The app also works on your computer - PC or Mac - and your Smart phone and tablet - Apple or Android so you can study and practise anywhere you want. If you've already been using the DVSA's app which has just 10 clips, but the real test has 14 along with the app by SmartDriving. Also, you can only click 5 times in their app when in the real test, you can click as often as you wish, AND then, the DVSA app DOES NOT disqualify you for inappropriate clicking - which the real test does!

Therefore it makes good sense to get the app that reflects what you will get on Test.
 Copy the link below to access the updated 2015 version of the app and subsequent versions all for FREE