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Driving lessons Stevenston – Greg Wilton test pass

Driving lessons Stevenston - Greg Wilton

Big well done to Greg Wilton of Stevenston passing his driving test on 18th August, best wishes and safe driving from your instructor and all at Driving Ayrshire. Driving lessons Stevenston student, Greg done private practice as well as driving instruction with a trained Advanced Driving Instructor(ADI), helping to pass quicker than he expected.

Greg left us with this review of his time doing lessons and his experience with his instructor:

“It was important to me when finding a Driving School that it was a School I could trust and be confident in passing with quickly. They had to be reliable and also regularly available which I found Driving Ayrshire were. Coming into lessons I wasn’t sure what to expect and was very nervous to begin with. My Driving Instructor Dave soon settled me and was very reassuring. Dave was a great Instructor and certainly helped me to feel at ease. He explained everything very well and logically took me through the steps to passing and being a confident calm driver . A very calming influence which I thought was fantastic!!”

driving lessons Stevenston - Greg Wilton



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