Driving lessons Saltcoats Pass for Greg Hamilton

Driving lessons Saltcoats - Greg Hamilton of Saltcoats test pass

Congratulations to Greg Hamilton of Saltcoats passing his test on 18th July 2016 at Irvine test centre, enjoy the full licence!! During his time learning to drive Greg was kind enough to leave us with these kind words in his review on learning to drive and his experience of the School:

“I was looking for a Driving School that would cover my area and all aspects of what was needed for life on the road as I really want my own car! In addition to this a School and instructor that would be flexible in their timings to suit my work and accommodate me for lessons. Learning to drive was much better than I had anticipated it would be largely due to my Driving Instructor John giving very clear instructions and good teaching methods which helped me to learn very quickly what was being taught. I would recommend the School and John to others as he was a very good instructor and I enjoyed my experience.” 

driving lessons saltcoats - Greg Hamilton