Driving lessons Dalry – Scott Denham test pass

Driving lessons Dalry - Test pass for Scott Denholm

Congratulations to Scott Denham of Dalry on a successful drive yesterday, 2 minors isn't to shabby for a first time pass!! Hard work pays off, enjoy the freedom in your new car!! From your instructor and all at Driving Ayrshire all the best!!

Scott left us with this experience review of the school:

“I’d received lots of good reviews from friends and saw that Driving Ayrshire Driving School also had a very high first time pass rate. I found my experience of learning to drive to be at a very high standard which was a great relief as I had heard horror stories about other Driving schools out there so wanted it all to go smoothly and it did!! My Driving Instructor Kevin was fantastic, a wonderful Instructor. He was friendly, patient and an extremely competent Instructor.” 

driving lessons dalry - Scott Denham


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