Driving Instructors Irvine – Jennifer Macauley test pass

Driving Instructors Irvine

Another pass from the 20th June 2016, this time Jennifer Macauley of Irvine can say she is now the proud owner of a full driving licence!! good driving and hard work with your Instructor sure paid off, all the best from Driving Ayrshire!!

“The most important factor when choosing the Driving Ayrshire Driving School is that they were recommended to me by people I trust. In addition to this i saw that Kelvin White Driving School had a high pass rate. I found Learning to drive to be easier than I had anticipated, due to my Driving Instructor Steve Hales’ having really good teaching methods that helped me to take everything on board from what I was learning. Steve was very efficient in everything that he did and from my experience with the School there is nothing that I would have changed.”

driving instructors Irvine - Jennifer Macauley