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Driving Instructors Dalry – Katie Middlemiss test pass

Driving Instructors Dalry

Congratulations to Katie Middlemiss of Dalry passing her driving test first time on 30th of November. Enjoy your new freedom of the road and your future studies. All the best from the Driving Ayrshire team.  Katie came to the School through our referral scheme which we encourage our students to participate in to have their friends and family, trained by great instructors as themselves.

Katie was kind enough to leave us with this review which we will add to all our other reviews on the page -

“The most important factor for me when choosing a Driving School was that the School would have a calm and trusting Driving Instructor, which Driving Ayrshire Driving School definitely did have!  My Driving Instructor was LeeAnne and she offered me guidance towards my driving and I extremely enjoyed my experience with LeeAnne being very easy going. LeeAnne’s teaching methods were amazing and enabled me to learn quicker than I had anticipated.  LeeAnne was very friendly and easy to be alongside. There was nothing in my opinion that I would have changed from my experience, you are amazing and soo soo happy to have passed!!”

driving instructors dalry - Katie Middlemiss



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