Checking Driving Licences From The Photocard

From 8th June 2015 the paper counterpart of the driving licence will be scrapped and all driver details held electronically with the DVLA with the driver retaining just the photocard part. It was easy to check the paper counterpart for any endorsements or temporary bans but now this has to be done online or over the phone with the DVLA.  So there are possible options you could choose from including:

1. On the first lesson using a tablet or smart phone with internet connection view the licence online.

2. Prior to the first lesson the learner can go view and print off a copy of there licence to give to their instructor at the time of the first lesson.

3. Prior to the first lesson the pupil can generate a check code for their instructor to check anytime outwith the lesson time. Great option if there is no printer to use!