Adding a parent to your car insurance to save money

Adding a parent to car insurance can save you money

Nowadays is it possible to save hundreds of pounds on your car insurance for new drivers? Well the answer is simply, yes, so keep reading!

A few weeks ago I was speaking to a student who had just passed his test and was about to buy his first car. I told him that by adding one of his parents to his insurance as a named driver then his insurance will probably work out cheaper. After him phoning around insurers I caught up with him when giving him a lesson on motorway driving and he gave me the good news.

His insurance with a named insurer after adding his Dad on the policy went from £1400 a year down to £900. Wow that’s was a saving of £500!!!

Just remember that you must add them to your insurance, not name them as the main driver as this would be seen as insurance fraud. When getting your quote please ask the insurance company if you have any questions and be honest or otherwise your policy will be null and void if details are omitted or false.