Ayrshire Driving Lessons with Driving Ayrshire Driving School

Ayrshire Driving Lessons To Suit Your Needs

Beginner Ayrshire Driving Lessons

Get your Ayrshire driving lessons kick started with a superb introductory block discount. First lesson we cover: •Cockpit drill/Safety •Moving and Stopping •Gears •Positioning •Mirrors/blind spots •Junctions

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Refresher Lessons

If you’ve got a valid provisional driving licence but haven’t used your skills for a while, a refresher session of lessons will help get you back up and running. Or if your first lessons or practical test didn’t go well, we will help build your confidence to go on and get your full licence.

Pass Plus Courses

Pass Plus course is a 6-8 hour package course. Your instructor may recommend additional training. The topics include •Dual carriageways •Motorway driving •Rural roads •Town/City driving •All weather conditions •Night driving

Free Theory Help

Click the banner above to get a free theory app. It includes the full range of questions you could get in you actual theory test. Unlike many free apps it also includes the full DVSA 14 video clips for the hazard perception part of the test to help you pass both the theory and hazard perception first time. Your instructor will be at hand to help with any additional help you need to help with your learning on the theory and/or hazard perception. Its recommended to pass your theory test early in your driving training to focus on the practical test.

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