Driving lessons Irvine – Elaine McDonald test pass

Driving lessons Irvine – Elaine McDonald Well done to Elaine Mcdonald of Irvine on passing her test today, 6 minor faults. Enjoy the full licence and safe driving!! Elaine was kind to leave this review of her experience of the school: “I saw that Driving Ayrshire has a high pass rate and also to add […]

Driving lessons Saltcoats – Louise Murdoch test pass

Driving Lessons Saltcoats – Passed 22nd July Louise Murdoch Big well done to Louise Murdoch of Saltcoats passing last Friday, enjoy the drive to work now and big thank to your dad for the additional help out with your lessons, all the best from the Driving Ayrshire team!! “During my lessons I was looking for […]

Driving lessons Saltcoats Pass for Greg Hamilton

Driving lessons Saltcoats – Greg Hamilton of Saltcoats test pass Congratulations to Greg Hamilton of Saltcoats passing his test on 18th July 2016 at Irvine test centre, enjoy the full licence!! During his time learning to drive Greg was kind enough to leave us with these kind words in his review on learning to drive and his […]

Driving Instructors Kilmarnock – Brent McMullen test pass

Driving Instructors Kilmarnock Well done Brent McMullen of Kilmarnock passing today, I know you couldn’t stop smiling afterwards so very well deserved, enjoy having the full licence and car when you get it! All the best from the Driving Ayrshire Team. http://www.driving-ayrshire.co.uk/blog/driving-instructors-kilmarnock http://www.facebook.com/DrivingAyrshire  

Driving lessons Irvine – First time pass Richard Cochrane

Driving lessons Irvine Test pass for Richard Cochrane Yet another first time pass, this time for Richard Cochrane of Irvine, brilliant result and a great all round drive and mastered your left reverse brilliantly on the day!! All the best from the Driving Ayrshire team!! “I needed a Driving School to be available at short notice […]

Driving lessons Troon – Thomas Paterson test pass

Driving lessons Troon Pass success today for Thomas Paterson of Troon, gaining his full licence with ease!! terrific effort 4 minors, all the best from your instructor and the Driving Ayrshire team!! “Pupil review to follow” http://www.driving-ayrshire.co.uk/blog/driving-lessons-troon http://www.facebook.com/DrivingAyrshire

Driving Instructors Irvine – Jennifer Macauley test pass

Driving Instructors Irvine Another pass from the 20th June 2016, this time Jennifer Macauley of Irvine can say she is now the proud owner of a full driving licence!! good driving and hard work with your Instructor sure paid off, all the best from Driving Ayrshire!! “The most important factor when choosing the Driving Ayrshire Driving School […]

Driving Instructors Kilmarnock – Katie Ferguson test pass

Driving Instructors Kilmarnock Well done to Katie Ferguson of Kilmarnock passing on her first go!! great confident drive with only 2 minor faults. From all at Driving Ayrshire happy, safe driving!! Katie left the School with these kind words of her time with her Instructor and experience driving: “I was looking for a reputable School […]

Driving lessons Saltcoats – Stacey Reed test pass

Driving lessons Saltcoats Well done to Stacey Reed of Saltcoats passing her driving test at Irvine test centre with 6 faults, enjoy the indendent driving!! I’m sure you will enjoy driving around now you have started your new job and taking your wee one out on sunny day trips!! All the best from the Driving […]

Driving lessons Irvine – Nicole McKee passed first time

Driving lessons Irvine Well done Nicole Mckee of Irvine on a successful drive passing your driving test with ease at your first attempt!! “An important factor for me when choosing a Driving School and Instructor was that I would feel at ease with them during lessons, being understanding and patient.My Instructor was John and I thought […]