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Welcome to Driving Ayrshire driving school. Our website will offer help in deciding who to go with for your driving lessons. As a North Ayrshire driving school we do lessons in Ardrossan, Saltcoats, Stevenston, Kilwinning, Irvine, Dreghorn, Dalry and Kilbirnie. All lessons are guaranteed hourly, hour and a half or two hours to suit your needs. Whether you are a complete beginner or had experience driving a car before we can offer a bespoke lesson plan to get you started with lessons, to help in your goal of getting your driving licence.

Nahla Hamad of Saltcoats making ZERO FAULTS gives her Review of the School!

Saltcoats Driving Lessons test pass - Nahla Hamad

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2020 test passes

John Przybylak of Kilwinning passing 11th of March 2020 first time pass Driving lessons kilwinning John Przybalak

Ben Saboulis of Kilwinning passing on 19th of February 2020 First time pass Kilwinning driving lessons - Ben Saboulis

John Galloway of Saltcoats passing on 13th of February 2020 John Galloway - Saltcoats driving lessons

Nahla Hamad of Saltcoats passing with ZERO faults on 31st of January 2020 Nahla Hamad - Saltcoats test pass

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