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Nahla Hamad - Driving Ayrshire pass of 2020 with ZERO faults!

Nahla Hamad of Saltcoats gives her Review of the School!

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2020 test passes

John Przybylak of Kilwinning passing 11th of March 2020

first time pass

Scott Nicol of Ardrossan passing 4th March 2020

First time pass

Ben Saboulis of Kilwinning passing on 19th of February 2020

First time pass

John Galloway of Saltcoats passing on 13th of February 2020

Nahla Hamad of Saltcoats passing with ZERO faults on 31st of January 2020

2019 Test Passes

Candis Barlow of Saltcoats passing on 12th of December 2019

first time pass

David Duffy of Saltcoats passing on 22nd of November 2019

first time pass

Robert Morrison of Saltcoats passing on 26th of September 2019

Mark Crombie of Ardrossan passing on 3rd of September 2019

Graham Gibson passing on 3rd of September 2019

Josh Watson of Saltcoats passing on 7th of June 2019

first time pass

Ben Jones of Dalry passing on 3rd of June 2019

first time pass