Driving lessons Ayrshire learners can thrive on

Driving Ayrshire Driving lessons Ayrshire learners can thrive on

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Sarah Hughes First time pass with zero faults! – Review of the School

driving schools Troon - first time pass Sarah Hughes

“I was looking for a Driving School that had a good reputation and saw customers as important. I was really happy that Driving Ayrshire Driving School could offer consistent weekly slots for lessons to help me pass quickly. Learning to drive was much more enjoyable than I thought it would be, even though I was really nervous!! My Driving Instructor Kevin had great teaching methods and he always set an objective of what we were to achieve in the lesson. Kevin was always positive and encouraging in all the time I took lessons and couldn’t have done it without him! It wasn’t a problem to change lesson times when required which was helpful and flexible with having a young family. He was a fab instructor, I’m soo pleased to have passed my test first time with no faults, now I can drive my family wherever they need to go!!”

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Driving Ayrshire

Test Passes

Rachel O’Neil of Irvine passing 24th July 2018

First time pass

Driving Schools Irvine - Rachel O'Neil

Charlie Doyle of Stevenston passing 23rd of July 2018

First time pass

Driving Instructors Stevenston - Charlie Doyle

Kieran Wilson of Troon passing 5th of July 2018

Driving schools Troon - Kieran Wilson

Alex Hogan of West Kilbride passing first time on 8th of May 2018

Driving Instructors West Kilbride - Alex Hogan

Paddy Carrigan of Stevenston passed on 4th of May 2018

Driving Ayrshire - paddy carrigan test pass

Gary Watson of Kilmarnock passed on 20th April 2018

Driving Ayrshire - Gary Watson test pass

Leeanne Robertson passed on 5th March 2018

Ruby O’Neill test pass on 22nd Feb 2018

Mark Watson test pass on 20th Feb 2018
first time pass

Declan Turnbull test pass on 30th Jan 2018

Claire Howie of Stevenston passing 11th of December 2017

First time pass on 19th of September 2017
Nathan Carey of Kilmarnock

Kyle Graham of Irvine passing on 14th of August 2017

First time pass on 23rd of August 2017
Tracy Scott of Kilwinning

First time pass on 23rd August 2017:
Rosalyn Meney of Ardrossan

First time pass on 2nd August 2017:
Gary Craig of Saltcoats: